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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Custom Solutions Carpet Care gurarantees every cleaning job we do. If we determine we can get a spot out and one should ever come back, we will return to treat the spot until it’s gone at no additional charge.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet CleaningFor businesses, presentation means a lot. If the floors of your showroom, office, sales floor or lobby have a dirty appearance, it can reflect poorly on your company. To make sure your carpets look great, Custom Solutions Carpet Care provides custom-fit solutions, rather than a "one size fits all" approach. This is especially important for the many types of carpet and different levels of foot traffic that businesses can have.

Example 1: An office space with many cubicles, a one-person office, and a cafeteria may require 3 different cleaning methods. Each area would be cleaned according to the needs or concerns.

Example 2: A hotel with hallways, lobbies, banquet rooms, stairs and restaurant area would present a situation that would call for more multiple cleaning methods and time periods to accommodate the needs of the carpet and the needs of maintaining a 24/7 business.

Example 3: Some businesses may require a very simple approach. We would make arrangements with the person in charge to enter “after hours”, clean the facility, replace any furniture that required movement, and make sure that the area would be dry for use the following day.

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